Your advance care plan

An Advance Care Plan is a statement of the treatment decisions you have made and the care you wish to receive as you reach the end of your life. It is a personal plan – one you can share with your family, health and social care workers so that they can help make sure your wishes are met.

Using an Advance Care Plan is an important way of communicating your wishes about your care, both now and in the future. A key benefit is that it aims to help reduce any anxiety you may have and reassure those who love you that your wishes are being followed.

How you write or complete your Advance Care Plan is up to you, and of course you can revise it at any time if your condition or wishes change. If you do decide to complete it, please remember to keep your Plan ‘pack’ somewhere visible, such as on the mantelpiece or by the phone so that care staff can find it easily.

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