• Roller Coaster
  • Greek Island Cruise
  • Run a Marathon
  • Get better at Surfing

What’s your goal for the year? Do you want to laugh more, complete your first 5k race, spend more time with the people you love or visit a new country? Whatever your aims, we want to hear about them.

Submission is now closed for our 2014 wall  so why not share your aspirations and dreams on the ‘before I die wall’, who knows you may just suggest something that inspires someone else CLICK HERE.

I’m going to spend more precious time with my grand-daughters and give them happy memories of trips, experiences, play, theatre, holidays…… I have more memories of times with my grandparents than I do with my parents as it’s always different with them isn’t it? You get to do stuff Mum & Dad haven’t got time for.
From Karen
Go back to Disneyland to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.
From Lucy
Volunteer to help out in the Philippines.
From Steve
Study in order to change my job.
From Daniela
Escape the rat race
From John
From Jo
We would like to hit our £10,000 charity challenge that we have set ourselves to celebrate our 10th Anniversary this year.
From Rosedale Funeral Home
Visit my uncles (both in their 80s) whom I have not seen for years.
From Judith
Pass my driving test! I’m so scared…
From Rachel
From John
Enjoy my retirement!
From Maureen
Enjoy my first grandchild
From Claire
Overcome depression and get on with my life
From Alan
Learn to scuba dive!
From Wayne
Learn how to play the saxophone
From Pete
Travel to New Zealand to spend more time with our grandson. (I hate flying!)
From Joan
Think positively and enjoy the little things in life!
From Debs
Get better soon after my operation
From Véronique
Read the bible from beginning to end
From Sue
Travel more – exploring the UK and beyond
From Steve
Complete my first Race For Life 10k run and raise at least £1000 for it
From Dalia
Get my driving license!
From Dalia
Move from the city to the country!
From Kim
Get a record deal for my new band
From Austin
Learn to play poker and do the Rubix cube
From Victoria
Celebrate my 30th birthday in Aruba
From Anni
Read more books
From Liz
Help more people #BeReadyForIt
From Caroline
Visit a new part of the World
From Louise
Spend more time with friends & family
From Gary
Get through January’s dryathlon
From Chris
Get myself that Mulberry bag
From Helen
Get stuck into my new job
From Anni
Spend more time having fun & less time working
From Richard
Enjoy every second with my baby girl
From Alistair
Make a success of my new business
From Simon
Make every day count
From Dave
Help more young people get into dance
From Jerry
Cook a special dinner at least once a week for my wife
From Andy
Have breakfast on the beach
From Maggie
Learn from my mistakes in 2013!
From Kate
Make the most of my retirement
From Margaret
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