How do I get a Thinking Ahead Yellow Folder?

You can download the contents of the folder by following the links below or obtain one through your GP or district nurse.

Lots of people find it helpful to discuss their Advance Care Plan with their family and share it with their health and social care team. You can also make an appointment to talk through the issues with your GP, district nurse, care home manager or social worker.

Depending on whether you are based in Surrey or in Kent, the contents of the Thinking Ahead Yellow Folders will vary slightly but rest assured they all provide the support you need to complete your Advance Care Plan.

Surrey Thinking Ahead Yellow folders contents include:

Great Yarmouth and Waveney Thinking Ahead Yellow folders also include:

There is a Frequently Asked Questions sheet about the Thinking Ahead Yellow Folder in Surrey and Waveney.

Kent Thinking Ahead Yellow Folders:

East Kent:

West Kent:

You and your care team can tailor the contents of your Thinking Ahead Yellow Folder to meet your specific needs.

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