a carer’s story…

After being my husband’s carer over a six year period as his numerous medical condition mounted up and culminated in diagnosis of Cancer in December 2011, I did not think things could get much worse for him. At that time, although quite ill he was fairly independent, using an electric scooter and able to go out alone for short periods.

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a daughter’s story…

My mother passed away earlier this year. She was in her early 80’s and the heart attack was unexpected (aren’t they all?). She had spent 20 years making plans for her will and telling various family members about her wishes. She asked me a long time ago to be her executor.

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until death do we part…

My husband, Peyton, died of cancer two years ago.  He prepared for his death in every way possible from having total maintenance done on every item in our home to writing a book for me call “After Peyton” with lists of who to call for every eventuality and the appropriate sequence.  His preparation made the difference in my survival.

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